GSP „Belgrade“ received 244 buses

„Today is a big day for GSP ‘Belgrade’, a big day for public transport in Belgrade. Today, we signed two contracts on the basis of which the company will receive 244 new buses this year, in the next five months. This is the largest single purchase of buses that has happened in the last few decades in Belgrade, „said Vesić.


He added that he was very happy because of the procurement and that he kept his promise that this year GSP „Belgrade“ will renew its vehicle fleet and get 244 new buses.


„During the organization of this procurement, we insisted that the buses be in Belgrade as soon as possible, considering the condition of the city transport,“ Vesić pointed out.


Therefore, the procurement is divided into two parts, he stated and explained that 70 buses of the Turkish company „BMC“ from Izmir will be delivered in the next 60 days and will arrive successively, while the deadline for delivery of 174 buses of the Chinese company „Higer“ is 160 days. .


„They will also arrive successively and we hope that by September we will have most of these buses on the street, which was our goal in order to provide the citizens with a better quality of public transport,“ Vesić said.


GSP has a new contract model

Acting director of GSP „Belgrade“ Radisa Momcilovic said that the procurement of new buses is of strategic importance because it will create conditions for the company to realize significantly more kilometers in traffic in the coming period, ie significantly higher income from the core business, which is public city transport in Belgrade.

„As of the January 1st, GSP ‘Belgrade’ has a new model contract with the founder, according to which our income depends exclusively on the number of realized kilometers in traffic,“ said Momcilovic.


He pointed out that the new buses will significantly improve the quality of transport services in the city, and that public transport users will be more satisfied.

The President of the Executive Board of the leasing company „S-Leasing“, Bojan Vračević, said that it was a pleasure to be a partner in projects that contribute to the quality and improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of Belgrade and the whole of Serbia.

„This is certainly one of such projects. I congratulate the City of Belgrade on the new buses and I hope that we will still have the opportunity to cooperate to the satisfaction of the citizens, „he added.


Zhang Hui, Deputy Director of the Foreign Market Department of the Chinese company „Higer“, said that the company is one of the largest bus manufacturers in the world and has 5,000 employees, and that part of them were selected to purchase buses for GSP „Belgrade“.

„We will do our best to provide the best possible buses for the citizens of Belgrade,“ Huej pointed out.


Source: RTS