The European e-bus market increased by 22% in 2020 despite the pandemic

In the year Covid-19, the market of Western European battery electric buses expanded by 22 percent. If we single out trolleybuses, 2,062 new e-buses were sold in 2020, compared to 1,685 in 2019. The market took 5087 e-buses Since 2012, 5,087 E buses have been sold, where almost three quarters were sold in 2019 and 2020.


The fact that technological development is experiencing its expansion despite the global crisis caused by Covid-19 has just been emphasized by the numbers at the beginning of the text. Also, caring for an ecologically advanced and healthy environment proves that the idea of ​​less polluted cities lives on despite the numerous challenges that the world economy has been facing for the last year.


Chatrou CME Solutions collected and analyzed data showing that 53 percent of buses in public transportation registered in 2020 had alternative propulsion. In 2019, this percentage was only 39.6 percent. The share of Class I electric bus batteries rose to 15 percent in 2020 from less than 12 percent in 2019.