History of Green Machines

Green Machines began their working life back in 1964 in Scotland, when they offered the market the first model of a street sweeper, which worked on the principle of vacuum. Soon after, this initial model was completed with brushes and at that time represented a real revolution. The very fact that the famous Margaret Thatcher tested it publicly, speaks of the level of innovation and attractiveness at that time.

Very quickly, the company began to advance technologies 20 years later

introduces diesel-powered machines, which at the time were environmentally advanced and certainly in competition with the latest technologies.

Interestingly, in the early 90’s, the 600i, due to its extremely futuristic design, was used for the film “Star Wars I”, and later for “Men in Black”. It can certainly be said that Green Machines has played a leading role in the global development of the external cleaning machine industry and as such still represents a leader in technological and environmental terms.

Green machines today
In 2019, the company will change its ownership structure and production will mostly move to Northern Macedonia, more precisely Veles. Today, Green Machines DOO Veles and its EU partners, GM Sweepers UK Ltd (UK) and Green Machines International (NL) sell worldwide or through distributors. Under the new ownership, Green Machines further develops its business by building a strong market presence with strong sales and service activities, either directly or through reputable partners.

Green Machines understands that the modern environment is under great pressure due to uncontrolled human activities, endangering the survival of society. They are dedicated to reducing their own influence and maximizing the efficient use of resources, which gives the company a unique opportunity to promote and demonstrate its high standards and leadership position, in order to reduce its own influence, but above all the influence of customers.


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Revolutionary cleaning machine

The revolutionary GM1ze garbage cleaning machine consists of brooms, pickers and carts for taking things from the past. This compact machine saves time thanks to a powerful storage battery. In addition, it is easy to manage and significantly improves hygiene and safety.


The world’s first hydrogen cell cleaning machine, 100% hydrogen powered. The fuel cell converts oxygen and hydrogen into electricity that drives the cleaning machine, and the only by-product of its use is pure water.


Lasting performance for a tidy city and environment. The Zero-Emission 500ze Green Machines with electric drive uses the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries, with the possibility of lasting all working day, with unsurpassed low energy costs.


A really special cleaner. By significantly reducing water consumption and its sophisticated design details, Green Machines 636 reduces operating and maintenance costs.


The 400 Series is perfectly suitable for cleaning the most demanding exterior surfaces and can withstand maximum loads in everyday work.