Briefly about Higer-u
Higer Bus Company Limited, known as „HIGER Bus“, was founded in 1998. Over the past 22 years, the company has built a state-of-the-art bus production base of 950,000 square meters, with annual sales of over 10 billion yuan, while buses are distributed in over 120 countries. HIGHER is the fastest growing Chinese bus manufacturer, and one of the 100 best technology and information companies in China.

HIGER has defined a strategy of „growing from an outstanding domestic company to distinguish international company“ with a focus on the future of technologically flawless buses, with particular reference to the importance of preserving the environment. The slogan „HIGER leads you higher“ was created by translating the meaning of the brand name. HIGER has taken a leading role in the bus industry by developing and launching the „G-BOS Intelligence System“, which transforms it from a bus manufacturer into a supplier of complete bus operations and management solutions. HIGER produces safe, comfortable, and above all economical smart buses in order to create a more suitable living environment for people.


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Why Higer?

• HIGER allows you to take advantage of new business opportunities with high-quality eco buses and light commercial vehicles

• The goal of HIGER is to provide you with safe and reliable buses with comfort and added value by constant research and development and application of the latest technologies to improve product development.

Products HIGER
Higher produces safe, comfortable, and above all economical smart buses in order to create a more suitable living environment for people.


HIGER buses are internationally known for their reliability and outstanding operating economy. Each individual component is designed to improve vehicle performance and set world-class standards for fuel economy, driving and handling on the road.

City bus

HIGER city buses have gained worldwide recognition as reliable and economical public transport buses. We can provide you with customized buses according to actual routes, road conditions, climate conditions or operational characteristics.

New energy bus & coach

As a leading Chinese manufacturer of new energy buses, HIGER takes its share of social responsibility for environmental protection. The new HIGER energy buses are manufactured as a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy efficient city buses.

School bus

At HIGER, we put children as a priority because we know that children are the future. For this reason, our school buses use monocoque structure technology, which provides them with stronger resistance against impact, overturning and rolling.


The HIGER high-speed transit bus (BRT) is an excellent solution for improving mobility in cities with large populations and challenging urban transport problems. HIGER BRT has become a proven system in many cities as a solution to traffic congestion.



HIGER light vehicles (LDV) are your ideal travel companion. With their durable chassis, elegant style and comfortable interior, the powerful HIGER mini vans will give you a great opportunity to improve your business.