Higher manufactures safe, comfortable, and above all economical smart buses in order to create a more suitable living environment for people.



Green Machines has a leading role in the global development of the external cleaning machine industry and as such it still represents a leader in the technological and ecological sense.



Esagono Energia designs, manufactures and distributes electric vehicles for the transport of goods and passengers with European approval in the H1 category.

As an authorized distributor and repairer, we offer electric buses and city cleaners, as well as a wide range of other environmentally friendly vehicles.

Our focus is the modernization of public urban transport, with an emphasis on electric propulsion and the application of new technologies in order to preserve the environment by reducing harmful substances that disrupt air quality in cities.

Electric buses represent a new beginning in public transport and urban mobility. These innovative, zero-emission vehicles guarantee a sustainable and green future for us and our planet. In its wide range of products and services, DAT Holding is guided by the idea of further exploitation of electric vehicles for the purpose of public transport and maintenance of public areas.

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`` No Charge Limit``, the latest technology in the field of e-mobility. Supercondensing energy storage system, resistant to the temperature differences from -25 to +60 degrees. Fast charging system (2.5-10min), setting new standards in the field of power supply.

Winter in Belgrade. Temperature: -14

Animated presentation by Chariot Motors

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